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François Hanriot; the diary of an unknown man..

31 May 1972
I'm an Argentinian historian. I have 36 years old. Im obseded with French Revolution, but over all things I'm very interested in Saint-Just, hanriot, Couthon and Robespierre's biographies, without mentioning the Duplays and Lebas.

I spend many of my left-off time reading or going to dance vintage dance with friends. I'm a fanatic of Japanese, Chinese, African and Latinamerican food, and I cook myself many of these recipes. I love to watch draws or fanart of French Revolution characters (i'm in love with those in manga's style)...and I've said TO WATCH since I can't draw myself! What a shame! I could watch and watch over and over these movies: "Danton", "La Terreur et la Vertue" (the two telefilms: "Danton" and "Robespierre"), "La Révolution Française" (even if this last one is baaaad), "Manon Roland", "La Nuit de Varennes", "La Marseillaise" et "Marie-Antoinette" (1938)...and I feel sad that there are no more French Revolution movies or series already filmed...

I work as a French teacher and in the Real estate bussiness...which seems very interesting but ib fact it is NOT. :D

Another of my fanaticism are Goya's art and life, Argentinian history from 1800 to 1920 and the history of Recoleta Cemetery...which is located only three blocks away my house. I also liked a true story about a teacher from the 1920. She was named jacinta Pichimahuida and there are three serials made in Argentina about her...and you can visit my blog about her...sadly, it's only in Spanish.

Hanriotfran (Vanesa)
: to hear music, to eat, to learn, to read, to sing, to study languages., to travel, to watch tv series